Water Safety

Increase Your Water Intake

Because May is Water Safety Month, we always hear how we should stay safe around water this time of year – and with good reason, since 100,000 people around the world drown each year. But water safety can also be seen as a way to stay healthy through using water wisely. Dehydration is one of…

Maintaining Eye Health

4 Tips for Maintaining Eye Health

Maintaining eye health is something too many of us don’t give much thought to. We often only think of carrots being associated with our eyes, but there are several ways we can keep our eyes safe and healthy. Here are just a few: Eat right Eating a well-balanced diet helps you maintain a healthy weight,…

contact lenses in gilbert az

How do I put on and take off my contact lenses?

Wearing contact lenses in Gilbert AZ has never been easier. Nearly everyone can wear them; anytime or anywhere. We’ve broken the steps down so they’re easy to follow: Getting Started Hygiene is really important – common sense really. Always wash, rinse, and in particular, dry your hands before handling your lenses. Ideally, use a non-oily,…

types of contact lenses Gilbert, AZ

Types of Contact Lenses Gilbert AZ

If you are looking into contact lenses instead of wearing eyeglasses, there are several types of contact lenses Gilbert, AZ available. Here are a few: Corneal Refractive Contacts are worn while you sleep and actually reshape the surface of your eyes so you have clear vision during the day, but without needing corrective lenses. Use…