Childrens eye care and getting glasses can be a difficult process. Dr. Staley has been working with young patients for many years. Her own experiences as a mother has helped her learn how to communicate well with kids in order to help them get the prescription that will help them see the best.

After Dr. Staley has completed the examination, you will be entrusted to our amazing team of opticians, who will help you find the perfect frames for your child. Our large selection of frames will please both the kids and the parents. We have everything from traditional to trendy to sporty and sleek. We also offer a one year warranty on all our frames, so if they break, we fix or replace it for free.

“Right before my youngest started kindergarten, we discovered that she couldn’t see very well. Between her and her older sister, we had been to four different eye doctors trying to find one we liked without success. By the beginning of first grade, she was behind, even though she had glasses. When we went to see Dr. Staley, not only did the kids have fun at the exam, but Dr. Staley recommended we try a different type of lens for my daughter. It made a world of difference. After 6 months, she was finally caught up at school. Thank you, Dr. Staley, for thinking outside the box for us!” ~ The Perkins Family