BioSport Contacts for Athletes

Many professional athletes wear sport tint lenses to enhance their visual performance. The use of sport tint lenses is growing; especially among golfers, baseball players and runners using th new Sun Tac lens. Here at Val Vista Vision, we sell Biosport contacts for athletes in order to improve their sports vision.

For more information on how Biosport contacts for athletes work, watch this video

“Thanks so much for the new contacts! I’ve worn them for each day of training this week and am hooked. Now I’m focusing on the ball instead of looking at the ground due to the glare of the sun. I would recommend them to everyone!” -Kevin H., Professional Soccer Player


Sphere: $99per lens or $198 per pair
Toric: $149 per lens or $298 per pair




Amber: Blocks high amounts of blue light to heighten contrast and visual acuity. Particularly useful to improve contrast on grass and against blue skies. Both Mark Maguire and Chipper Jones have worn these lenses.

Sports: baseball, softball, football, cycling, fishing (especially in waters with grassy bottoms), golf, hunting, skiing, water sports.

Gray Green: Heightens contrast (mildly) while preserving color balance and reduces brightness. Golfer Justin Leonard has commented that the Gray Green lenses make it easier to separate every blade of grass.

Sport: golf

Bolle Blue: blocks blue light to heighten contrast and visual acuity. NFL players Mario Williams, Kroy Bierman, Charles Tillman & Markus Colston are wearing these. Soccer player Kevin Hartman also wears these.

Sports: Football, Tennis, soccer

Green: Heightens contrast (mildly) while preserving color balance.

Application: Use in bright outdoor light

Yellow: Heightens contrast in overcast, hazy, low-light conditions outdoors or for indoor sports. Filters blue light for sharper focus

Sports: Hunting, Football (night games)

Sun Tac: Reduces overall brightness while preserving 100 percent normal color recognition.

Applications: Great for outdoor sports, especially running.