We understand that, to be your best, you want to look your best.

At Val Vista Vision, we have more than 1500 eyeglass frames of the highest quality and style selected with our patients in mind. We offer a wide selection of eyeglasses, Gilbert AZ. Our opticians attend trade shows, bringing their eyeglass product knowledge back to the Gilbert Arizona office where we can share it with you. We understand, in order for you to see yourself as stylish, we need to give you the best options available.

We specialize in individual vision solutions.

In addition to providing the most stylish eyewear, we are passionate about having state of the art technology. This helps our team of opticians accurately measure each patient for lenses and our patients to find the perfect eyeglass frames. We’re always looking for ways to make the eye exam and selection of eyewear as simple as possible.

One of the ways we are simplifying the process is through our use of the latest technology from Essilor called Visioffice®. This system helps us properly measure your eye at the Eye Rotation Centre (ERC) so that we can customize your lens to you. This is especially important for the new digital progressive lenses.

We understand selecting the right lenses can be confusing with all the choices that are out there. For more information on each type of lens and their benefits, click here.

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1500 Eye Glass Frames