At Val Vista Vision, we have a large selection of non-prescription and prescription sunglasses of the highest quality and style selected with our patients in mind. Our opticians attend trade shows, bringing the newest styles back to the office. We understand in order for you to see yourself as stylish, we need to give you the best options available.

When do you need to wear sunglasses?

You might wear glasses or contacts and wonder when you need to wear sunglasses. We recommend wearing sunglasses anytime you’re in the sun, especially when you’re driving. Sunglasses eliminate glare and squinting, both of which can reduce vision and cause eye strain.

If I wear contacts, do I need prescription sunglasses?

There will be times when your eyes feel dry, especially when dust or pollution levels are high or when you are at the beach. You will need to take out your contacts. Having prescription sunglasses will give you the benefit of clear vision with the protection of sunglasses.

What brands of sunglasses do we carry?

Val Vista Vision offers top of the line sunglasses for nearly every lifestyle and budget, including Maui Jim and Oakley. We understand selecting sunglasses that fit your needs can be stressful. With so many different types of lenses available to protect your eyes, you need to know the benefits of each option. For more information about the different types of lenses available and what the benefits are, click here.

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