If you haven’t heard of sports vision optometry, you’re not alone. But it’s time to change that because experts in this field can do a lot to improve your performance in sports.

What is sports vision optometry

Optometrists with training in this specialty can help you improve your visual abilities in specific ways that are chosen to help you maximize your results in your sport of choice.

How a sports vision expert can help

A wide variety of athletes will benefit from the expertise that an optometrist with training in this area can provide. Sports Vision Optometry

Baseball players can be trained to better see the movement and exact location of the ball, enabling them to swing more accurately and make better decisions during gameplay.

Basketball players will improve their eye tracking, alignment, and focusing abilities to make better shots and passes.

Quarterbacks will learn to be more effective and efficient when scanning the field, handing off or passing the ball, and making defensive reads.

With the proper visual training, golfers will do better at estimating distances, and have an easier time maintaining accuracy when shifting focus between the target and the ball.

These are just a few of the many ways in which visual training can improve your game. Regardless of what sport you play, odds are you can improve your game by training your eyes to work together better, and improving their ability to focus on what’s important.

An innovative way to improve your visual performance in sports

One of the more innovative developments in the field of sports vision is specialty tinted contact lenses that can reduce harsh glares, improve visual acuity, and heighten contrast. They come in a wide variety of colors, including amber, blue, green, grey-green, yellow, and sun tac. The color you choose will depend on your sport and the specific benefit that you wish to acquire from the lenses. Your optometrist will also be able to advise you on whether you’re better off with an edge-to-edge or pupil-only pair of lenses.

A wide variety of athletes have found these to be beneficial to their performance, including professional golfers and soccer players. Other sports where these special BioSport contact lenses can help include baseball, football, softball, hunting, water sports, cycling, skiing, cycling, running, and outdoor sports in general.

Protective eyewear is worth considering

If you participate in a sport with a high risk of eye injury and your sporting organization allows the use of protective eyewear, it’s well worth your time to consult with an optometrist about the available options. The last thing you need is to have an injury to your eyes worsen your performance, or worse, end your sporting career altogether. Prevent this from happening by doing right by your eyes and getting the proper protective gear.

Your sports vision optometry expert is the visual “coach” you need on your team

Think of your sports vision expert as a specialized coach who will focus on the visual aspect of your training. Not only can this help you to improve your results, but it can protect your vision over the long term, too.