Your eye doctor in Mesa, AZ can help you prevent and treat the symptoms of eye strain. Simply put, eye strain is a term used to describe fatigued eyes. This can cause symptoms of blurred vision; burning, watery, or dry eyes; increased light sensitivity; and soreness. Here are five tips to help you find relief from eye strain:

  1. See your eye doctor in Mesa, AZ regularly

Most people should see their eye specialist about once a year. They can double check your vision to make sure that’s not contributing to your risk of eye strain, and help you figure out if there are any lifestyle changes you should be making.

  1. Ensure your eyes get adequate rest

Just like the rest of you, your eyes need regular breaks to recoup and recover from any stresses placed upon them. Start by getting enough sleep – many experts recommend seven to nine hours a night. And take frequent breaks when driving for long periods, writing, using the computer, watching TV, doing close-up detail work that causes you to stare, and reading.

  1. Use adequate lighting

Many people have eye strain caused by being exposed to too much bright light. For example, the ideal lighting for computer use is roughly half as bright as what’s found in the typical office.

Other times, problems are caused by lighting that’s too dim. Dim lighting is particularly likely to be a problem if you’re doing detail work, such as sewing by hand.

  1. Optimize your computer set-up

Eye Doctor in Mesa, AZComputer use is responsible for a large percentage of eye strain cases. To minimize the odds of experiencing problems when using the computer for work or pleasure, do the following:

  • ensure there aren’t fingerprints or dust particles obscuring the screen, making it difficult for your eyes to focus – make it a habit to clean your screen regularly
  • minimize glare – position your screen out of direct light or use a filter to reduce reflections
  • position your screen about two feet away from you, and a bit beneath eye level
  1. Keep your eyes hydrated

Add moisture to dry indoor air with a humidifier. You can also use artificial tears to alleviate symptoms of dry eyes. Ask your eye doctor which type of artificial tears they recommend, if any, and how often you should use them.

Your eye doctor in Mesa, AZ can help you find solutions for your eye strain

If you’re suffering from eye strain, or just want to prevent it from occurring, your eye specialist can help you sort out what’s causing it, and come up with an effective treatment plan. In the meantime, start by hydrating your eyes, optimizing your computer set-up, using adequate lighting, getting enough rest, and maintaining a regular schedule for eye exams.