vision care concussionAfter a diagnosis of a concussion, your doctor may feel the need to have you follow up with an eye care specialist. At Val Vista Vision, we have developed a special protocol for treating patients with concussions. Vision care, concussion or not, should be considered an important part of your healthcare plan. Our three-appointment regimen will help pinpoint any problem areas and then provide treatments.

The first visit will be a comprehensive eye exam with dilation to determine any physical injury to the eye. We will also make sure you are seeing your best before we look at the function of your eyes. This visit will be approximately one hour.

At your second visit, your eyes will not be dilated and your visit will also last approximately one hour. During this exam, we will test neuro-visual, cognitive, and performance, which involves eye movement, body movement, and coordination.

At your third and final visit, we will also not dilate. your eyes and your visit will again be about one hour. A VEP (Visual Evoked Potential), which measures the neuro-visual pathway through the brain, will be performed. After that, you will have a consult with the doctor to review the results of all of your testing.

If rehabilitation is prescribed, each session will be roughly one hour per week for several weeks. Additional enhancement may be necessary past six weeks.

If you are having issues with your vision after suffering from a concussion, it’s because this type of injury is considered a traumatic brain injury, which changes the way your brain works. Whether the concussion was caused by a sports injury, a fall, or a vehicle accident, your vision could be affected. Seeking vision care after a concussion is important to keeping healthy eyes.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with a concussion, please come visit us at Val Vista Vision for your vision care concussion evaluation. Keep your vision healthy, no matter the circumstances.