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What is the Best Way to Treat Eye Allergies?

Regardless of the time of year, allergies can cause a huge disruption to your daily life. They can make you feel worn down, sick, tired, and downright uncomfortable. Allergies are irritating, but in most instances, not severe enough to cause long-term problems. However, identifying and treating eye allergies is essential to getting relief. Since there are many symptoms of eye allergies that mirror eye infections and more serious cases of [...]

How Important is it to Get Regular Eye Exams?

Taking care of your health is important, especially as you continue to age. While many of us focus on eating a healthy diet, increasing physical exercise levels, practicing meditation or relaxation techniques to reduce stress, and seeing a general practitioner yearly for check-ups, we often neglect specialized care for one of our most relied upon body part—the eyes. Your eyes have millions of nerve cells and receptors that allow [...]