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Dirty Dozen Cosmetic Ingredients

Instead of using cosmetics with an ingredients list that you can't read and don't understand, it's time to get educated. There are a number of ingredients that have been shown to cause cancer, expedite tumor growth, and have all around adverse health effects. Rather than continuing to use your cosmetics without understanding what they are doing, the David Suzuki Foundation has created a survey of chemicals. The worst chemicals in [...]

Blue Light: The 3 Most Important Things You Need to Know

We are naturally exposed to blue light a high-energy, short-wavelength form of light on the visible spectrum via sunlight. But in recent years, it's been getting more attention due to our increasingly higher levels of exposure from electronic devices and the potential impact on our eyes and overall health. Here are the key things you need to be aware of: 1. Sources of blue light Our bodies are designed to [...]

How Diopsys Technology Can Help Your Vision!

Val Vista Vision is the only practice in Gilbert that can provide you with state-of-the-art Diopsys vision screening. Here is how this cutting edge technology can preserve your vision. How Diopsys helps Diopsys is an innovative vision test that can detect glaucoma three years earlier than other tests. This is important because over 3 million Americans have glaucoma but don't know it, and if left untreated for too long, glaucoma [...]

Vision Care: Concussion Aftercare

After a diagnosis of a concussion, your doctor may feel the need to have you follow up with an eye care specialist. At Val Vista Vision, we have developed a special protocol for treating patients with concussions. Vision care, concussion or not, should be considered an important part of your healthcare plan. Our three-appointment regimen will help pinpoint any problem areas and then provide treatments. The first visit will be [...]

6 Things You Can Do to Get Relief from Dry Eyes

Whether your dry eyes are a mild annoyance or much more bothersome, there are many things you can do for both immediate and long-term improvement. 1. Manage your environment Drafts and wind tend to worsen dryness of the eyes, so minimize your exposure. Avoid ceiling fans or position yourself as far away from them as possible. Aim your vehicle's air conditioning vents away from your face. Protective eyewear can also [...]

Papilledema Facts You Need to Know

Papilledema (PE) is a swelling of the optic nerve that's caused by increased intracranial pressure. The key to fixing it is to correctly diagnose the cause of the increased intracranial pressure and eliminate it. Here are some of the key facts you need to know about this condition. Causes of raised intracranial pressure There are many possible causes of PE, including: -head injuries (PE can occur immediately, or as long [...]

It’s Brain Injury Awareness Month – Get the Lowdown on Concussions

Since it's Brain Injury Awareness Month, now is a good time to increase your awareness about concussions, and the important role your vision plays in all this. To maximize your odds of avoiding a concussion, you need to know what it is, what it can do to you, and how to prevent it. What causes a concussion and why does it matter? They can be the result of a hard [...]

Have Your Vision Checked After a Concussion

A recent article in Optometry & Vision Science offered solid evidence that comprehensive vision assessments should be considered in children who have had a concussion. Especially if the children report academic difficulty and trouble in the development of return-to-learn protocols, as they may be suffering from a concussion-related visual disorder. It was discovered that of the children who had suffered a concussion and presented three of more concussive symptoms for [...]

Use a Hand Eye Coordination Test to Improve Vision

If you want to improve your vision, especially for sports, one of the things you may want to do is a hand eye coordination test. This can help measure the ability of your brain to help your eyes and hands work together. Activities that use this skill are very dependent on good vision. While the amount of eye hand coordination required varies depending on the sport, it's still a requirement [...]

Taking Care of Your Contacts Should be Part of Your Gilbert Eye Care Routine

For everyone in Gilbert, eye care is important. And if you wear contact lenses, you have an extra step to take in order to preserve the health of your eyes: you need to take proper care of your contacts. Why are proper contact lens handling and cleaning techniques part of good Gilbert eye care? Proper handling and cleaning of your lenses is an important part of keeping your risk of [...]