If you need to wear glasses when playing sports, keep safety in mind. You may need sports glasses created specifically to withstand the rigor of active use. When making a selection, consider whether your eyes would be better protected wearing nothing over glasses that could shatter and damage them. Choosing the correct eyewear not only protects your eyes during play, but also protects them if your glasses are smashed or broken during play.

Beyond safety, sports glasses also need to meet league or organization requirements. When choosing sports glasses, ask:

  1. Does your sports organization allow you to wear protective eye wear? If yes, are there limitations to style and tint?
  2. Do the frames have to be safety certified? If so, Liberty is the only manufacturer out there that is safety certified. They hold the highest certification available.
  3. What type of lenses are required? Usually, polycarbonate or Trivex are required, but most athletes choose Trivex due to the superior image quality.

Val Vista Vision is certified to sell Liberty Eyewear, the only company that holds a safety certificate for their sports frames. For more information, visit www.libertysport.com, or ask us about them at your next appointment. Sports glasses are covered by insurance and we have a special offer where if you buy one, you get 50% off your second pair.