Some sports require an athlete to focus on a stationary target, while in other sports, a moving target requires the athlete to continuously judge speed and distance. All of the decision making is dependent on accurate visual information. Most people think that “20/20” eyesight means perfect vision; however, undetected visual skills problems can affect coordination, concentration, balance, timing, and accuracy. This can seriously affect optimal sports performance and the ability to perform at one?s maximum potential.

An optometric sports vision evaluation will assess pertinent sports specific visual skills and analyze the data, generating a profile targeting visual strengths and visual skills that can be enhanced. The key to optimal sports performance is responding and reacting to the least amount of information in the least amount of time.

Over the years, there have been many sports vision studies that underscore the validity of sports vision training. Click on the articles below to read about how sports vision training not only improves an athlete?s ability, but also reduces their risk for injury.