Struggles in School or Work
May Be Caused by a Functional Vision Problem

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Functional Vision Problems can affect people of all ages

No matter who you are, functional vision problems affect what you do. ?And no matter what age you are, optometric vision therapy can help! Most people are familiar with typical eyesight screenings. They are aware of the Snellen eye chart (20/20 test), which tests your ability to see objects clearly at a set distance. But functional vision is different.

Do You have Symptoms?
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To see if you or your child has a Functional Vision Problem and if Vision Therapy is an option, take our free online Vision Quiz.?Developed by a team of optometrists, the Vision Quiz is a score-based system that helps us determine if a Functional Vision Exam is needed.

Important things to know:
  • It’s ok to skip a question if you don’t know the answer.
  • Some questions are based on how a?child functions in the classroom – email your teacher the link to this page and ask him / her to take it based on how your child functions in the classroom.
  • The quiz applies to?both?adults and children.
  • A score of 20 or more, or the persistence of 1-2 symptoms indicates the need for testing.

0=Never/I don?t know, 1=Seldom, 2=Occasionally, 3=Frequently, 4=Always

Headaches from near work?

Double vision when reading?

Burning, itchy, watery eyes?

Skips/repeats lines when reading?

Head tilt/closes one eye when reading?

Difficulty copying from board?

Avoids near work/reading?

Omits small words when reading?

Writes uphill or downhill?

Misaligns digits/columns of numbers?

Poor reading comprehension?

Holds reading material too close?

Trouble keeping attention on reading?

Difficulty completing assignments on time?

Always says "I can't" before trying?

Clumsy, knocks things over?

Does not use his/her time well?

Loses belongings/things?

Forgetful/poor memory?